Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Found Responsibility

With great power...

Since learning to use a sewing machine, I've been scoring the blogosphere looking for great sewing ideas. I've accumulated enough fun in del.icio.us to last me a good long while. Oh my dear del.icio.us, what would I do without out you! I seriously don't know how I survived without this bordering on miraculous tool. For me, it's like the quintessential idea book.

Here are some links of things that I can't wait to try...

For Babies and Kids:
Cloth baby shoes so adorable I ovulate just looking at them.
Baby Rings would make a great chew toy for little ones. I love the geometric colors and patterns.
Baby Blocks are a wonderful idea for the same reason.
Blurb cloths need no explanation. I love the potential of this tutorial.

Boutique Blanket is not a tutorial but an inspiration. Can you imagine holding a little one in something so luxurious that you longingly pray you were little enough to enjoy it too?.. Or you can just be practical and go this route.

Taggie Blankets are new to me. I don't know anyone who has them. I can't imagine littles ones not loving it, with their affinity to sticking anything they can in their mouths. Here is another great tutorial on how to make them using super soft material.

Diaper changing pad that you can make match your individual style.

Bean bag chair would be so cool for my nieces. I would imagine most tweens would go for this. I'm thinking gorgeous, pink fabrics for the girly one and orange, earthy fabrics for the tom boy. I'll need some more confidence to attempt it.

A canvas city actually requires minimum sewing and a bit of artistic ability but could inspire endless hours of fun for the boys in your life.

Speaking of art, this Artist Organizer from Martha could inspire the artist in your life. Who was it that said that every child is a little Picasso?

And Everything else:
Sweater pillow is a great way to reuse that incredible comfy but no longer presentable sweater. Now, if I can sneak it out of my husband's closet without him noticing...

A Papertape dressform would be so useful if I ever get to the point I won't waste yards of fabric to make a top. Yes, you techically you don't sew it, but it helps you sew!

Won't you be the trendiest lady in your gym with this Yoga mat bag.

I'm not a journaler, so this is a gift idea for me. A Notebook Cover tutorial from craftblog to dress up your thoughts.

This tote bag tutorial looks like a good starting point for a newbie like me.

This slipcover is right now only a dream. Sighhh. Perhaps one day.

And finally, a neat idea for what to do with all those leftover pieces of fabric. Make a quilt. No way, too much hassle! Do gorgeous fabric panels like belladia instead.

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