Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Do Remember you TM and Crochet and Sewing...

I haven't been good to you my new blog. I had such high ambitions. I will work on bringing you up to speed. Sighh.

Right now, I'm working on teaching myself to crochet. I learned years ago from my wonderful, sweet grandmama. She's 94 years old. I love her dearly. She is also quite the crafty gal. She can crochet, sew, embroider, knit. Of all those, crochet is her favorite hands down (aren't I awful with puns :-). It was relatively easy to teach a young girl too. Year later, lost and confused and completely forlorn about this art form, I've decided to take it up again. Please please don't remind me about my ill-fated sewing post. I will conquer that machine! Just give me some time... Maybe make that lots of time. I have an ambitious goal too. I want to learn to sew cloth diapers for the gazillon baby showers I'm always going to. Just don't talk to my husband. I told him and he rolled his eyes and laughed. The Very Nerve! Then, he said, "Go to it babe." Which is his code for buy everything you need :-). I have the best husband. He bears with me and is supportive even when he is sure that another project will bit the dust. Our office is filled with scrapbooking/sewing/art projects that never quite got off the ground and yet he remains faithful (abet a bit skeptical, but hey he's not perfect LOL).

Anyway, as I tackle the magical world of crochet. I'll try to also figure out how to post tutorials on my journey. Not any expert teacher by any stretch. I'm just a newbie working it out and hoping that it works out. In the meantime, check out a book that has been helpful to me (Tongue in cheek).

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