Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Adventures in Sewing

This Saturday, I went to take my first sewing class. I lugged my new, unused Singer and my cute mini-Shark machine to the class. I was so excited. I haven't used my larger Singer, b/c I was quite intimidated by it. I had been using my mini-machine. Quite cute, but certainly less functional. My teacher laughed when she saw it. I don't blame her (too much :-). It looks like a toy. She said that we would work the the bigger one for the day, b/c it is really want I need to learn to use. I concurred rather stubborn insisted that I need to learn both. She very kindly promised to help me figure out the small one after the class was over.

I asked her what our project would be and was super pumped to find out it was a tote bag. When I called to ask about registration, she didn't say. I was just told to bring one yard of fabric and interfacing (HUH!). I got some curtain material at Walmart and the nicest thing they had with interfacing on the fabric board. Sadly, I wouldn't buy a bag with curtainish material, so why would I make one! Also, I got craft interfacing, so my bag turned out a bit stiffer than the others in the class. Not that I'm complaining too much. I like the stiffer look. It's more bag like.

Anyway, our class was small. There were two teens, one of which brought her mom, and and women in her late thirties or so. The woman didn't have a machine but was taking a class to see if she was interested in buying one and making sewing a hobbie. Isn't that smart. Now me, I got out and buy a machine and get all the gadgets and eventually accesories to start and then wait two years before I even open the box. What's wrong with this picture...

It all went rather well until I left my presser foot up on the sewing machine. Presser foot...nope it's not the triangular black box that you put your foot on to make the machine go. It's a little piece of metal that holds your fabric in place. After that, my machine refused to work. The timing was off my teacher says. Timing! I have perfect timing! Well, maybe not so much. Sadly, I'll have to take my machine in to get fixed.

She let me borrow a nice Viking for the rest of the class. It was a nice 600 dollar model. Not many people get to use it :-). I could definitely tell a difference. Now, I'm coveting a machine that I can't afford and would probably never use. Anyway, I quickly caught up to the rest of the class after that. I don't if I'm just that good or it's the machine. I'd rather like to think it's me. Unfortuantely, I got to attach my handles to my bag and POOF. No power. The whole block apparently shut down. They had to close the store and ask us to leave. I never got to finish my bag :-(. I couldn't even take it home to finish with my broken machine. Tears all around.

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