Monday, November 10, 2008

The Death of a Dream

And no, I'm not being to melodramtic! This weekend, I took my sewing machine to a repair shop. I explained that the timing was off to the repair man, as he opened it up with a bit of a smirk. He was actually a very nice guy, but I think that he's seen too many people come in thinking they knew what was wrong and they were wrong, lol. Anyway, he exclaimed with a bit of surprise that I was right. The timing was off (thank you sewing teacher for being right :-). He looked at the machine and remarked that it seemed very new. I told him it was. My class was the first time I had used it. He kind of frowned and said that he could fix it. There was problably a problem with the inside of the machine like the gears or some such thing and it would take 60 dollars to fix it. 60 dollars!!! I got the machine as a gift. It was just a simple beginner Singer machine from Target and it did cost a lot more than that. I told him so and he nodded in agreement. It quickly went downhill from there. "Do you still have your receipt?", he said. I told him no b/c it had stayed in its box for the last two years. "Well, I can fix it," he said, "but you may want to consider just getting a new machine and use the money toward that if you are going to be serious about sewing. I would avoid Singer's too. The quality isn't what it was 20-30 years ago. They've changed hands to many times. Now, they pretty much make junk. If this machine broke the first time you ever used it, then it's probably not worth fixing."

How tragic! In that moment, I had to decide to let my sewing machine die. I could attempt to save it, but it had a terminal and uncurable condition. What a sad day. Sighhh.

So, now I have to turn my back on the sewing machine that was good to me for 30 minutes and seek another love. I hope that one day it will forgive me for moving on. In the meantime, I compose a haiku to show my regret at our parting and its passing.

For a moment
I loved you most dearly
Now I move onward

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