Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thanksgiving Ideas (Part II)

This idea comes to us from Purple Lemon Designs. It's a new blog to me but I love the idea. There is a whole tutorial on the website. It definitely sounds like some work, but the payoff is big. Do it well and it can be used every year until you tire of it. I figure that gives me two years of enjoyment, lol.

This fun idea is from our good friend Martha ;-). She's very creative. I like the place cards the best. The centerpiece is good to tie it all in (not to mention a help with a case of the munchies until dinner is served). I could see it on a dessert or coffee table too. Also, from my friend Martha:

I'm normally not into gold, but these are very festive and season appropriate. They could also be spray painted white, black, or red for a more trendy look.

This idea is similar to that in the previous post, yet on linen napkins. A great idea if you want a more permanent look. Fabric paint required though.

Also, a variation on an idea in the previous post. This pumpkin features a whole bouquet of wildflowers. It's so pretty and feminine.

And again, my best friend Martha (yet even I write the post we become joined at the hip :-) does it better. I like the simple elegance of her votives and rose vase.

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