Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thanksgiving Ideas

Browsing blogs and the web, I found some fun ideas from Country Living online that might be good to implement for this holiday year.

I love this candle idea. The words 'Giving Thanks" appear on both sides of the candles, so you can see it on each half of the table. It's actually made with fabric which you can see up close in the next picture. I would rather attempt it with scrapbook paper. Either way, you want to make sure your candle is thick enough (much more than theirs) so that it burns a hole straight down the center. Otherwise, can we say FIRE hazard. Let's not.

I love love love this napkin idea, although my challenged penmanship makes it an automatic no go. In elementary school, my fifth grade MATH teacher actually made me stay in one day for recess to practice my penmanship, because she thought it was so bad. How, can you have poor penmanship in MATH. It still boggles my mind. I carry the scars to today. Sighh.

This one is a little more up my alley. Get a good ink pad that doesn't have ink that runs when wet. I like that it's disposable too. You can easily change designs every year w/o committing to one for a long time. Good idea for dinner parties.

This is a cute idea for a party favor. A pretty piece of stamped cardpaper is put in the bottom of the box. The top is embellished with a coordinating strip. This would be an even better idea to run with for Christmas for all those people you want to give a sweet, lovely gift to without breaking the bank.

And from Southern Living online, I discovered these jewels.

This one is my favorite. I'm not usually a calla lily fan, but I love the beautiful, deep color of these. I almost wish I knew they can in this color for my winter Christmas wedding. I might not have been so quick to write them off.

For those who don't know a lot of floral arrangement, this documents an important step in the process, figuring out in what order the flowers go. It helps to determine height and placement of the flowers BEFORE they go in your vase.

This is a great, simple idea. It's just a glass vase with popcorn at the bottom and some decorative corn stalks. I might actually use this one. It's beautiful and should be cheap. An important criteria in these hard economic times (or really anytime when I'm ask my husband what's okay to spend on decorations :-).

This is another simple, inexpensive idea. It would look great on a buffet or dessert table. It's a low laying centerpiece, so it would also work very well on a coffee table too. I hate when people put huge centerpieces on coffee tables. Why!!!

I'm not so fond of the execution of this one, but I like the original thought. It should really use different flowers. I like the wildflower idea. I do, but those seem wrong some how to me. They also think that you should only use two types of flowers, and I definitely disagree. A wildflower bouquet would be lovely. I would also get rid of that confusing, misplaced corn embellishment and tie it with simple raffia.

Well, that's it for now. I have to go share some thanksgiving love!

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