Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Dream is Back Baby

Since last week when my Singer sewing machine died a quick painless (I hope) death, I've been searching for a substitute online. I compulsively looked on Craigslist and eBay almost daily for a reasonable solution. Sometimes, I even browsed new models and dreamed of a beautiful land filled with 200 computerized stitches and embroidered designs. That land was just too expensive to contemplate at 300-700 dollars for a visit. Instead, I focused on used models.

I mainly stuck to the ones my repair man had recommended, Brother, Janome, and Babyloc. He assured me they were the way to go and would be quite dependable. The latter two I quickly found to be outside my price range, so I primarily sought out Brother models. I put half a dozen models on watch status on eBay and finally this morning I had a winner. One of the models that due to expire late in the morning was still at a very reasonable price. It was less than 50 dollars with only ten dollars shipping to boot. Now, that's a price even my husband could agree with. In the end, he did. Did I mention that I have a wonderful, loving husband. As much as he hates to spend money, he lets me buy and do the things that makes me happy :-). I so lucked out with him.

In the end, I got this Brother model for 53.18 with shipping included. A great deal considering it would cost me 59.95 plus tax to get mine fixed. I should get it next week and will let you know how it goes.

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